Booster Gold #1


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Booster Gold #1


Written by Geoff Johns & Jeff Katz
Art and cover by Dan Jurgens
& Norm Rapmund
Exploding from the pages of 52 and exploring the timeline of the DC Universe comes a new monthly book featuring the greatest super-hero history will never know: Booster Gold!
Following the universe-altering conclusion of 52, Booster Gold wants what’s due to him – a spot on the Justice League of America! But the time stream’s in trouble, and Booster Gold is in the center of it! Now he must make a choice: reclaim his former glory or do the right thing, forgoing the credit.
ALL-NEW Booster Gold will take you through time and space, to the greatest moments of the DCU that have happened and will happen.
“52 Pick-Up” begins in this extra-sized issue #1! Someone is exploiting the ravaged time stream, hoping to eliminate the world’s greatest heroes – and only Booster Gold can stop them. But, really – Booster Gold? Why him? What does Rip Hunter truly want? And what shocking figure is behind it all?

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